On-Chain Asset Management

Automated Cross-Chain Decentralized Social Trading Protocol (ACDSTP)

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Web3 decentralized asset management with anyone around the world through DEXFUNDS.

Too busy to put your assets to work?

Too many DeFi projects to follow? Find DexFunds with proven track records on DexFund, and free yourself from the day-to-day hassles whilst retaining full custody of your assets. You can filter strategies by assets, risk and performance, and find one that fits your risk profile.


Automated, Safer & Smarter Defi Investing

Copy the best traders automatically through smart mirror vault contracts called Dexfunds. Accessible, secure and proven asset management for anyone in the world with an internet connection!

Investor Focused

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Our AI/ML risk rating will analyze Dexfunds keeping investors as safe as possible. Moral hazard can’t exist as it does in traditional finance as blockchain provides full transparency. DexFund is revolutionary!

A Safer Defi

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Blockchain Transparency
Proven Transparent Results
AI/ML Risk Analysis

DexFund will unearth some of the best asset managers the world has seen, which haven’t yet been given the platform to prove it. Copy those who show consistent results, not random accounts on social media.



Incentives For Dexfund Managers

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Showcase Your Skillset
Receive Fees & Incentives
Increased Profits
More Time, Less Work
Accessible To Anyone
Improve Your Investing

Dexfund Manager Flow Chart

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Dexfund empowers you to build and scale DexFunds based on the strategies of your choice - from discretionary and robo to ETFs and market making. Security is priority. DexFund second generation smart contract-enforced platform is thoroughly tested and audited before any mainnet deployments are made.

DexFund enables you to retain custody of your assets at all times. Your Assets go where you want, whenever you want.


DexFund provides full transparency about how strategies are performing, together with information about how they’re set up, operated and composed.


DexFund provides an easy, secure and low cost way of setting up and operating your DexFunds. With its in-built accounting tools, it also enables you to report back in real-time to depositors.


DexFund connects you to a pool of potential savers, making it easier to attract and build a community of supporters. This means you can focus on what you do best – developing strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions

DexFund is a decentralized asset management infrastructure. Using DexFund DexFunds, individuals and communities can build, scale, execute strategies that employ the newest innovations in decentralized finance.

DexFund enables Depositors to interact with Dexfunds in a way which is non-custodial and requires minimal trust between parties. Dexfund Managers can be bound to performing certain actions or forbidden from others. Furthermore, live accounting is available for both performance and fees which is provable with on-chain data using the DexFund subgraph. The subgraph also enables us to retrieve other useful reporting data (e.g. trade history or deposits/withdrawals) and make them transparently available to users. Policies such as fees or behaviors around investments can be quickly configured and imposed at a DexFund level. DexFund can delegate trading and other DexFund functions to third-party addresses.


Create your own DeFi track record

Traditionally starting an asset management vehicle has been complicated, draining and extremely costly. This has limited the quality of such managers to those who can afford vs those who are good at it. With a min set-up time and much more streamlined processes there is nothing to stop you from spinning up a DexFund and getting involved – from anywhere on Earth.

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